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Engine Machine Shop, Honing, boring, skimming, 
American engines, V8 and classic car engines

Our Machine Shop facility provides the ability to machine Historic, race and classic engines as well as modern engines.

Here is a list of the services we can offer:

• Cylinder block boring & honing

• Cylinder block re-sleeving / liners

• Con rod balancing

• Crankshaft grinding and polishing

• Crankshaft balancing

• Disc and drum skimming

• Flywheel machining

• Flywheel balancing

• Flywheel lightening

• Head skimming and pressure testing

• Cylinder liners made to suit blocks

• Milling, turning and surface grinding

• Piston balancing • Valve & seat re-cutting

• Valve seat inserts & valve guides fitted (Inc. Unleaded)

We repair and restore classic, historic and race engines. Whilst Engine Machining is one of the services at the heart of what we do at Straight To The point Racing we also offer impartial help and advice, sourcing of rare, unique and difficult to find components as well as offering bespoke and “one off” machining services.

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